Blue Lagoon Beach Resort Yasawa Islands Fiji
Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Walking and exploring on Nacula Island

Trail Maps – Guided Walks – Hiking and Running Trails

The resort is lucky enough to have a labyrinth of trails beginning just at the base of the hill behind the resort. Here you will find trails to lead you to hidden mangroves, and isolated beaches – rainforest canopied walks – adventure through the mud crab flats and in general – a tropical island walk experience!

Due to great feedback from our adventurous guests, we have put together running and walking maps – suitable for solo hikers right through to families looking for the ‘natural’ island adventure.

Drinking in 360 panoramic views, spotting the local wild life, having your own private beach or taking a stroll is a great way to immerse yourself in the real Fiji.

You will want to carry a small back pack, taking plenty of water, sunscreen, and a towel. Shoes are recommended especially on the higher trails the going can get a little rough and rocky. If you intend to watch the sun set, take a torch and it is recommended you inform the front office of your intentions for safety.

We do not recommend turning up in any of the villages unannounced/uninvited. There is a strict cultural etiquette regarding invitation, dress code and privacy.